The end of the beginning and the next step

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This post has been about 6 and half years in the making, from around the time I discovered Google reader and started to read blogs regularly.

I am not sure what has stopped me. Most likely the combination of working, study, children and moving three times from the country to the city and back to the country again!

But today, the last day of 2014 and a few hours from 2015, I am finally going to start writing. I am really not sure where this is going but it needed to start! You wouldn’t believe it but one of my goals for 2014 was to start writing a blog! Well we can count that achieved and sorted.

Well, here goes, my name is Jonathan Ramachenderan. I am a doctor, more specifically a General Practitioner Anaesthetist. I live in the country with my beautiful wife Kylie and my two boisterous boys, Samuel and Hunter.

I am on a journey. One part of that journey finished today. My fellowship certificate from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) arrived today, signifying the official and tangible end to 12 years of study and work which begun at the University of Sydney Medical School in 2002.

Something arrived today!
Something arrived today!

The next step is sharing my passion for health and more specifically wellbeing and achieving that allusive balance of work/family/personal development and contribution to the world.

I believe the balance of great health and mental wellbeing can be achieved through:

1) Eating well and purposefully (I ascribe to a clean eating and paleo diet)

2) Moving most days doing some form of exercise (I am into pushing/pulling/pressing something heavy and doing some metabolic conditioning)

3) Building strong relationships with those close to you – having an awesome marriage and being present at home

4) Having a purpose and a passion that you attend to every day 

5) Resting intentionally – sleep, weekly day of rest and regular holidays and replenishing activities

These are some the areas that I would love to share and write about on the blog, bringing my experience as a GP with a special interest in wellbeing and as a father and husband.

Experience to me means learning from mistakes and failures and wisdom is taking the steps to improve and prevent these from happening again! As GP it my absolute privilege to meet people and share in their life experience which more often than not impacts the way that I live.

So with that I start my blogging journey on the last day and hour of 2014. Tick! Goal achieved.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, make comments and hassle me with your questions.

Live intentionally!

Jonathan Ramachenderan @thehealthyGP

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