To my brown eyed boy


Two years ago our family welcomed Benjamin Frederick Ramachenderan into the world.

Like many babies, his birth was expected and well prepared for.

He received the best in evidenced based antenatal care and his mother nurtured him well, as she looked after her body and kept herself healthy.

He was the youngest, born into a family two older brothers who squealed with excitement when they caught glimpse of the newest member of their family.

To Hunter James and Samuel Henry, the birth of their little brother wasn’t an interruption to their life, but a monumental event that was celebrated with gifts and the eating fish and chips around mum’s hospital bed.

To Benjamin’s mother Kylie, he was perfect. She longingly gazed at him, held him close and whispered prayers of thanks to her Heavenly Father, who had blessed her with a textbook caesarean and three healthy little boys.

To Jonathan, like many young fathers, he considered the future and the life-changing moment of being a dad to three boys.

He thought about the great responsibility that had been granted to him by God, to raise and guide his three boys into becoming men.

He wrote four things down and begged God to help him keep these at the front and center of all that he would teach and guide his son’s during their lifetime.

Love God
Love people
Find your passion
Live with purpose

Two years on, this prayer is on his lips everyday. It is a guiding light in a world of noise and distraction.

To his brown eyed boy Benjamin, Happy Birthday! You’ve made our lives complete as we cherish the beautiful mess, the noise and enjoy the love and laughter you bring to us.


Live intentionally

Love relentlessly

Enjoy your health

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