Author: Dr. Jonathan Ramachenderan @thehealthyGP

Rest, replenishment and the art saying “no” – essentials to achieving work life balance

I believe achieving work life balance after burnout is possible. It might just take a few years of adjustments, minor setbacks, some failures to do so! Forged over the last few years with the advice of some wise mentors and my personal journey, I would like to share a plan and framework to approach burnout

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Burnout, depression and not wanting to be a doctor anymore

I have been here a few times over the last 9 years of doctoring. Not too long ago I understood what it felt to be sad everyday for no good reason and have no energy. Things were getting strained at home and I wasn’t enjoying my work. I’d like to share a story and talk

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The end of the beginning and the next step

This post has been about 6 and half years in the making, from around the time I discovered Google reader and started to read blogs regularly. I am not sure what has stopped me. Most likely the combination of working, study, children and moving three times from the country to the city and back to

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