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36 thoughts on my 36th birthday

These are my reflections, predictions, deepest desires and thoughts on my 36th birthday. 1) As I grow older, the worries can mount and the joy can be eroded and the excitement fade BUT my God, my Jesus and my saviour fills me with his spirit daily and I am growing deeper in love with him.

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Year 12 is not the end – life begins after high school (part two)

If you missed part one, click here. It was too long for one post! Thank you for all positive feedback and taking the time to read part one. I am truly grateful to be able to share my experience. The aftermath The period between high school and starting something new in the face of uncertainty and

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The end of the beginning and the next step

This post has been about 6 and half years in the making, from around the time I discovered Google reader and started to read blogs regularly. I am not sure what has stopped me. Most likely the combination of working, study, children and moving three times from the country to the city and back to

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