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How to perform a wedding anniversary health check

The one thing that I am learning as I progress through my life is, how much noise and opinion there is in my world and how this often holds me back from trusting my instincts and moving forward. My gut has always told me that the health of your marriage matters the most as you

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How to use your words to powerfully give hope

A few months ago, I made a patient cry. His body shook as tears ran down his face, faster than he could wipe them away. I had told him the truth. It wasn’t what he had expected to hear from his doctor, nor was it something that he had ever heard from anyone else. It had

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How to use the power of compounding to improve your marriage in the early years

Summary: Whether you like it or not, the power of compounding is at work in your marriage in the positive aspects together with those you wish to keep hidden. Take home message: Small instances of love every day compound into the reward of a great and thriving marriage. Learn your spouse’s language of love and

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