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How to use your words to powerfully give hope

A few months ago, I made a patient cry. His body shook as tears ran down his face, faster than he could wipe them away. I had told him the truth. It wasn’t what he had expected to hear from his doctor, nor was it something that he had ever heard from anyone else. It had

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The secret to contentment: A birthday reflection

The secret to contentment is to practice everyday. Contentment is formed through a habit of daily thankfulness and appreciation of what we have, where we are going and where we’ve come from. Today is my 35th birthday. In Australia it happens to fall on ANZAC day. On this day we pause in silence to reflect,

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The hardest time of the day to be a Dad

“Daddy’s home!, daddy’s home!,” the boys shriek most afternoons as my car pulls into the drive way, frequently loud enough to make our neighbours smile. It is almost movie like as they run out to greet me, enthusiasm overflowing, and expectant that Dad is going to play with them and has some interesting stories to

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