Self-Care for Health Professionals

The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily, and not be touched by it, is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water without getting wet”
– Dr. Rachel Remen
One thing that we must do as health professionals is to be intentional about our self-care.
Self-care is not a luxury nor is it optional, it is a professional requirement for those immersed in suffering and loss each day and working at the frontline of humanity.
The following blog posts below are a selection of my best work on self-care and working in Palliative Care.

Rest – The foundation of intentional self-care

Dark Days in Palliative Care – The importance of intentional self-care

I think that your life is making you tired

The power and purpose of failure

Burnout, depression and not wanting to be a doctor anymore
Here are 2 important Self-care links:
Validated self-care questionnaire by Cooke-Cotton & Guyker
Palliative Care Australia’s 2020 “Self-Care Matters” Campaign created, edited and curated by my good friend Dr. Jason Mills – special cameo by yours truly!!

I think that your life is making you tired

Summary: In the absence of disease, a busy life lacking personal replenishment is detrimental to your health and future Take home message: Reverse engineer the type of life that you desire, cut out the distractions, live intentionally and replenish yourself daily Key beneficiaries: Anyone who lives in this busy, distracted and in this connected world! Time to…

The power and purpose of failure

Summary: Failure can be a powerful catalyst for self-examination and feedback on your life. In the right hands with the right mindset, failure can be a powerful catalyst to personal growth. Take home message: The purpose of failure is feedback. The power of failure is unlimited. Key beneficiaries: Those willing to step outside their comfort zone…