36 thoughts on my 36th birthday

These are my reflections, predictions, deepest desires and thoughts on my 36th birthday. 1) As I grow older, the worries can mount and the joy can be eroded and the excitement fade BUT my God, my Jesus and my saviour fills me with his spirit daily and I am growing deeper in love with him….

The most popular posts on theHealthyGP in 2015

What a brilliant year! I’ve wondered why my wife and I were so tired towards the end of year and realised a great deal had happened! We are enjoying a break in warm Perth at the moment, reflecting on the year that was and preparing to tackle 2016. These posts below were the most read…

Ask important questions

“Dad look at me, look at me, look at me WITH YOUR EYES!!!”, I swung my head around to look, interested at my sons request. There he was, having completed a 40 piece puzzle in no time at all. My three and half year old son, I was struck. “When did learn to solve puzzles let…

The Millionaire Next Door – A Doctor’s perspective

If there were anything that I could do to help my patients that goes beyond the call of a family doctor, would be to help them with their finances. I would love to help liberate some from living paycheck to paycheck and the constant financial pressure that mounts from poor decisions and a consumer lifestyle….