Welcome to a curated page of my thoughts and writings on manhood.

My strongest belief is that men who are truly fulfilled will:

Stand up for a cause greater than themselves that they believe in.

Be purposeful providers and protectors of their families

Love their wives passionately and intentionally 

Raise girls who know they are lovely and worth fighting for.

Raise boys who are loved, validated and secure.

That is my hope for men.

My favourite pieces:

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The greatest need that men have is to serve and work towards a purpose greater than themselves.

Power, wealth and success are simply a by-product of pursuing wisdom and serving a compelling purpose.

Men, if they are fortunate enough, will serve in three great roles in their lives.

Dad, husband and craftsman and leader. I’ve organised the writings accordingly.


Being a dad is the most courageous undertaking in a man’s life and his great legacy


A thriving marriage is the refined dance of deep connection, fulfilment and love beyond your wildest dreams.

Craftsman and Leader:

To become world-class in your craft, it requires a deep understanding of your inner voice, your compelling needs and the great imbalance of work and life.

Thank you for reading!

Dr. Jonathan Ramachenderan @thehealthygp