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Are you a boy or a man in your marriage?

A wife who is truly loved by her husband is beautiful. She is beautiful because she radiates confidence in herself. The countenance on her face shows the character of her husband, the words he uses around her, the way that they resolve differences, the small actions of love he deposits everyday and the way that

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They call me Dad

The midwives called me Dad for the first time, when caked in vernix and crying because his safe haven had been so abruptly removed, I cut my son Samuel’s umbilical cord, welcoming him into the world. I tentatively called myself a Dad, when Samuel cried uncontrollably in the middle night, I stood helpless, not knowing

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What are men thinking and hoping for?

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash It was the end of a long day of operating and we’d finished more cases than we’d set out to complete. Drearily my eyes looked across the operating room and caught Steven’s gaze, as he longingly studied the clock. It was nearly home time. “So what are you eating tonight?”

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