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Making a marriage work in Medicine — an epic reflection

 Making Marriage work in Medicine — an epic reflection 19 years and counting. Kylie and I are standing on the grand precipice of being married for twenty years. Twenty years of marriage has special significance to Kylie and me not simply because of this being a significant milestone but because interestingly it is related to our journey

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We cannot care for others if our health system does not care about us — Solutions for our future

Our health system can work against our own personal self-care.  I’ve written about this previously In fact, our health system can be a significant contributor that works against our own personal health and psychological well-being. This isn’t because our system is uncaring or faceless or lacks purpose but rather it has been driven towards the

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The moments that lie between medicine are a matter of life and death — a reflection on suicide, self-care and clinical life

Our moments between medicine and life are where the real impact of clinical medicine is experienced – this is why our moments between matter. These moments are ours to practice self-awareness in practising self-care.

What pushes doctors to the edge? How our health system works against our own self-care.

“We never know what pushes doctors over the edge but having gone through this and feeling this way, I can see that our system is certainly a contributor. SincerelyJonathan This is how I recently signed off an email to a medical administrator. I was frustrated and feeling worse for wear. I was glad that I

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2021 in short — Our faith grew, what a year!

2021 has been a year like no other!

Personally, I have not ever experienced a year which has produced such a wide range of emotions through the events that have occurred this year.

For both good and bad, we as a family have truly lived this year.

A doctor’s most powerful tool

A doctor’s most powerful tool The most powerful way a doctor can help their patient is to listen.  By far, listening is the greatest portion of the value of any consultation.  Whatever the monetary value, even for a procedure, the greatest portion of the value is a doctor’s listening ear. Feeling heard and understood is at

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