A reflection at 17 years

At 17 years our lives are simple. Seemingly boring on the outside but juicy and passionate in the middle.


A reflection at 17 years

Photo by Holly Medway — thank you Holly! December 2020

At 17 years we’ve both entered our 40’s.

At 17 years we have a son who is going to high school.

At 17 years we are wealthier than when we started when I was a broke university student.

At 17 years we begin a new season of life of having all our children in school.

At 17 years our marriage is the most precious and important thing in my world.

At 17 years I know that my marriage is the great source of strength in my life. 

It is the very reason that I am successful — she makes me better.

At 17 years we’ve worked together for 3 years as a professional team — Albany Anaesthetics, and have done wonderfully well.

At 17 years I am better doctor because our marriage has deep roots and is full of grace and forgiveness, praise and appreciation, love and laughter.

At 17 years I admire her skills, her natural talents and most of all, her common sense. She is the reason that our family works and the person that holds it together. She is our linchpin .

At 17 years we both know how to show love to one another. I don’t mess around doing pointless things. I simply give her kiss at opportune times, hug and rub her neck for no reason and sit next to her on the couch. And she knows that words are my fuel and she’s learned to leave them everywhere and surprise me with praise!

At 17 years there are no silly games, no jealousy and no secrets (I really am not sure how I could keep one from her). We are in the business of making what we have stronger. Immaturity has no place here.

At 17 years I know I don’t have to be handy around the house but helpful and mindful and teach and lead the boys by example. As much as we love them, we do want them to leave one day and thrive on their own.

At 17 years life is hectic and expensive costing both time and money.  But at home, it is peaceful, with intentional space created for connection and memories to be made.

At 17 years our lives are simple. Seemingly boring on the outside but juicy and passionate in the middle.

At 17 years I may often get upset and angry but she knows what to say and what I need the most in the moment.

At 17 years life is beautiful and busy with three boys who God has entrusted us with. No matter what happens there is a reason and purpose to it.

December 2020 — Discussing skin colour, race relations and what #BLM is about

At 17 years she knew me as a pot-smoking teenager and now holds my hand and smiles at Jonathan, her 40-year-old husband, dad to 3 boys and doctor in Albany. She has seen me change over 21 years and recognises the glint in my eye and knows that my passion for life and sense humour hasn’t changed.

At 17 years I love her more than when we said I do. She replenishes me, she feeds me, she exhilarates me and she makes me better a man.

At 17 years I am so glad for the hard times, the rocky roads and twisted paths. Because those were all pivotal moments for change in my life. Times of change for me to become a better husband and a wiser man.

At 17 years it is wisdom that I cherish the most. And God has given me a wise and wonderful, beautiful and graceful wife to walk with me till death parts us.

At 17 years I am grateful that you said, “yes, I do”.

I love you Kylie.

Live intentionally.

Love relentlessly.

Enjoy your marriage in wonderful health.

Dr. Jonathan Ramachenderan

3 comments on “A reflection at 17 years”

  1. Beautiful Jonathan and Kylie
    It’s a joy to read and DELIGHT to hear that your happy and healthy enjoying those adorable sons


  2. Thank you for expressing your love so eloquently. You are setting such a wonderful example for your sons. Kylie is blessed to have you as her husband.


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