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Lessons in Manhood for my sons — Value

My heart is in turmoil and my soul aches. My resolve is being tested. The broad statements that are being pitched on social media and shared across the world deepen my sorrow for my fellow man. #metoo #sexual misconduct #pornography I’ve fought with thoughts of defending my gender but have balanced this with deep sorrow

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To my brown eyed boy

Two years ago our family welcomed Benjamin Frederick Ramachenderan into the world. Like many babies, his birth was expected and well prepared for. He received the best in evidenced based antenatal care and his mother nurtured him well, as she looked after her body and kept herself healthy. He was the youngest, born into a

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Make lasting connections with your children

Over the last 6 years I’ve wrestled with the balance of work and life but there has been one thing that has kept me connected with my two boys, time alone. Despite the relentless emergency department roster, the 14 hour intensive care night shifts and the all-night caesarean festivals, I have found that carving a

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