The most popular posts on theHealthyGP in 2015

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What a brilliant year! I’ve wondered why my wife and I were so tired towards the end of year and realised a great deal had happened!

We are enjoying a break in warm Perth at the moment, reflecting on the year that was and preparing to tackle 2016.

These posts below were the most read and commented on posts of 2015, the first year of theHealthyGP blog.

There was a paucity of posts after April mainly due to study for a Dermatology Diploma and the birth of our 3rd little lion, Benjamin Fredrick Ramachenderan. Squashed in there too was moving into our new house. So yes, it has been an incredible year!

I have been overwhelmed with loving feedback and blown away by the stories of hope that my writing has instilled.

There were tentative moments when I’d realised that some of my deepest hurts and struggles had been shared with the world, but these are the stories that have shaped me and become my biggest victories.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt this year is that sharing your story, raw, uncovered and laid bare, breaks down every pretension and every wall that may barricade around someones heart and this allows the truth to penetrate deeply and to bring about lasting change.

In particular I have been personally touched by the way that my high school story has resonated amongst parents with teenagers.

Hope. It is really the only thing that can sustain us in amongst the death, destruction and debilitating noise that we face in our world.

Hope gives comfort to parents of a wayward teenager.

Hope can give a pathway to balance for a young professional experiencing burnout.

Hope can lead to stability and confidence for a young dad struggling to balance his priorities.

If you’ve read any of these posts and feel that they may help someone you know, please send them the link.

Thank you for reading, I am immensely grateful for those who have commented and subscribed to theHealthyGP and 2016 will bring new promise of interesting reading!


  1. The hardest time of the day to be a DadIMG_0804
  2. Five things that sons need from their dadsFullSizeRender
  3. Burnout, depression and not wanting to be a doctor anymoreIMG_7468
  4. How husbands can love their wivesIMG_0558
  5. Year 12 is not the end – life begins after high school (part one) + (part two)

  6. The Millionaire Next Door – A doctor’s perspective


Live intentionally, love relentlessly and enjoy your health.

See you in 2016!

Jonathan Ramachenderan @thehealthyGP



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